3 Kiwis a Day: You May Be Surprised How Beneficial It Is!

3 Kiwis a Day: You May Be Surprised How Beneficial It Is!
3 Kiwis a Day: You May Be Surprised How Beneficial It Is!

A kiwi fruit is originated from the Northern China but was first cultivated in the New Zealand at the beginning of the 20th century. This fruit is also known as Chinese gooseberry. Kiwi is a nutrient dense food thus it is considered as one of the world’s healthiest foods for healthy living. Kiwi fruits are high in nutrient contents and very low in level of calories. The possible health benefits of eating kiwis include a reduction in blood pressure, healthy skin texture and tone, reducing the risk of obesity, avoiding cancer, and preventing stroke and heart disease.

Many individuals are attracted to use the kiwi fruit because of its exotic taste and attractive green color. But everyone should also have to be familiar with the health benefits of kiwi in detail. Apart from the color and taste, its health benefits make a kiwi fruit unique from the other healthy fruits. Here are some health benefits of kiwi fruits that you should know.

Health Benefits Of Kiwi Fruits

  • Helps easy digestion with enzymes

Raw kiwi fruit has actinidain along with the protein-dissolving enzyme which helps easy digestion of meals much like the bromelain in the pineapple, and papain content in the papaya.

  • Regulating blood pressure

The high level of potassium content in the kiwi fruit helps to keep human electrolytes in balanced level by offsetting the effects of sodium.

  • Saves from DNA damage

A recent study showed that the exclusive combination of antioxidants in this kiwi fruit helps to protect the DNA cells from the oxidative damage. Some experts also suggest kiwis prevent cancer.

  • Boosting human immunity

Kiwis are high in vitamin C content along with the perfect compounds of antioxidants. So, it has been proven to boost the human immune system.

  • Wonderful carb for losing weight

High fiber content and low glycemic index in the kiwi fruit means it would not make a strong insulin rush similar to the other fruits with the maximum sugar contents. So, the human body will not react by storing fat.

  • Improving digestive health

Kiwi fruits are a brilliant source of fiber contents. So, it prevents constipation and any other intestinal issues.

  • Cleaning our unnecessary toxins

The kiwi’s fuzzy fiber helps combine and move all unwanted toxins from the intestinal tract of the humans.

  • Fighting heart disease

When the people eat 2 to 3 kiwi fruit daily, it will be very helpful to reduce the potentiality of the blood clotting by 18 % and reducing the triglycerides by over 15 %. This fruit has the best anti-clotting benefits without side effects to protect a heart health.

  • Suitable fruit for diabetics

Kiwi fruit has a lower amount of glycemic index thus it will not raise the human blood sugar level. This is why it is completely suitable fruit for the diabetic patients.

  • Protects from eye problems and macular degeneration

Many older adults have a problem of macular degeneration and vision loss. Many studies have proven that eating three or more kiwi fruits daily can help people in improving their eyesight because it protects against this vision disease. The natural ingredients in kiwi such as zeaxanthin and lutein are very useful for keeping better eye health with perfect vision.

  • Naturally organic

Kiwi is one of the foods which are normally safe from the lots of pesticide residues. Thus, it is completely and naturally organic fruit with the several health benefits. It’s also one of the best foods for breakfast.

  • Make alkaline balance

As kiwi is the most alkaline type of fruit, it contains a high amount of minerals to replace the extensive acidic foods consumed by the individuals. A properly alkaline/acid balanced body has deeper sleep, youthful skin, fewer colds, reduced osteoporosis, rich physical energy, and lower arthritis.

  • Good for skin

Besides the benefits for health, kiwis are also good for beauty. Kiwis are rich in vitamin E content that is an anti-oxidant helpful to protect human skin from the degeneration.

Look for food variety and amazing taste

Kiwi fruits taste and look great. Most of the children would like to taste it frequently only because of its attractive look and exotic taste. For the nutritional balance, everyone can take 3 to 4 kiwis every day. The eaters will get all enough important nutrients from kiwis for the healthy living.

Kiwi is a sweet fruit that tastes like a combination of banana, strawberry, and pineapple. This healthy fruit is a delight to taste and loved by all humans including kids.

In the early times, the Chinese people used a kiwi fruit as a health tonic especially for the women after the childbirth and for the kids to improve immunity level. Then, it was exported to the American countries and cultivated in New Zealand for getting its potential health benefits.

Generally, a kiwi fruit has a white pulp, green flesh, and brown hairy peel. It has little black colored seeds and green yummy and creamy flesh. Young fruits are very hard whereas matured ones are softer and tastier to eat. As the kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C content, it acts as the best appetizers in fish, salads, puddings, cakes, pies, and meat dishes.

Nutritional facts in kiwis

The kiwi fruit consists of several essential nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, dietary fiber, potassium, and magnesium. Similarly, it has a lower amount of saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol.

A 177g serving size of kiwi fruit has:

  • 26 g – carbohydrate
  • 108 – calories
  • 133 mg – vitamin C
  • 5 g – dietary fiber
  • 2 g – protein
  • 16 g – sugar
  • 5 mg – sodium
  • 3 % – iron
  • 6 % – calcium
  • 3% – vitamin E

This healthy kiwi fruit plays a very important role in promoting the general human health and well-being by reducing unnecessary body weight.

When it comes to the antioxidant properties of the kiwi fruit, it is very effective in protecting against ARMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration).

It contains rich amount of vitamin C similar to the orange fruit. The kids can take nearly 5 to 7 portions of kiwi daily to reduce 44 % of wheezing problems. Another study has proven that kiwi fruit will improve the sleep quality by curing sleep problems of the adults.

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