Synonyms: Bardana, Bardane Herb, Beggar’s Buttons, Clotbur, Edible Burdock, Gobo, Great Bur, Great Burdock, Lappa, Niu Bang Dze, Niu Bang Zi, Thorny Burr

Family: Asteraceae

Genus species: Arctium lappa

Type: Herb

Part Used: Aerial parts

Location: Bulgaria, Europe, former Yugoslavia, Hungary, North America, northern Asia, Poland

Actions: Appetite stimulant, blood purifier, depurative, digestive system alterative, mild diuretic, mild laxative, muscular alterative, skeletal alterative, skin alterative

Indications: Abscess, acne, allergies, anorexia nervosa, arthritis, canker sores, chronic fatigue syndrome, cirrhosis, cystitis, dizziness, gout, headache, lumbago, poultice for boil and abscess, rheumatism, skin rash, locally as a soothing application and to calm the itching of skin disorders; and in cases of cracks, grazes, chapped skin and insect bites

Chemicals & Nutrients: Fats (0.5%), Fiber (6%), Mucilage (9%), Protein (9%)

Preparation & Dosages:
Topical: Infusion or tincture (1:5, 25% ethanol) applied in poultice or other dressing

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