Coral Calcium

Coral Calcium
Coral Calcium

What about the “liquid” coral?

The liquid coral is a MLM company and their advertising states:
“Sango Coral is the only coral out of 2,500 species with unique life-giving benefits”

This is only advertising, as Sango in Japanese means “coral”. There is no special Sango coral. If you ate the entire tea bag you would get more coral than just what dissolves in the water. I would ask, “what is the residue that is left that is not dissolving in the water? If you take pure above ground blond coral and put a teaspoon into a glass of water the entire teaspoon will dissolve in the water with no residue at the bottom.

2. Do you recommend Vitamin D additional to your product?

Yes I do. The capsules of coral already have 400 i.u. added to each capsule. For those using bulk I add 1 capsule of vitamin D3 at 5,000 i.u. for the added benefit of mineral absorption.

3. How about the understanding that heating is not all bad…

Can heating any organic material to 1,000 degrees F. or higher really be a benefit and what organism is still alive after heating? You answer, would that be only for advertising?

4. What is the source of your coral?

Only coral harvested from the ocean must be heated due to the lead content. The coral I sell is above ocean blond coral so pure that it does not require heating to remove lead as there is no lead in the harvested coral.

5. Size and cost.

  • The size and cost; Shipping depends on how many bottles and where it is shipped. UPS
  •  90 capsules at 3 capsules per day = 1 gram per day for a 30 day supply.Retail $22
  • 4 ounces bulk powder or 114 grams at 1 gram per day for 114 days. Retail $39
  • 1 lb. bulk or 454 grams at 1 gram per day for 454 days. Retail at $98
  • Vitamin D3 at 5,000 i.u. per cap at 1 cap per day for 100 capsules. Retail $7
  • Vitamin D3 same for 250 capsules. Retail for $15

Buying any 3 bottles gives a 15% discount.

Hope this helps.

Anyone wanting more info or on buying wholesale with a resale # call 915-833-0222

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