Fluoride, a Second Look.

The value of municipal fluoridation is beginning to be seriously questioned,
and the negative impact is beginning to be documented and publicized more
widely. Since fluoride exposure is cumulative, significant health problems
are starting to show up. There is enough fluoride in a tube of Crest to kill
a small child. Fluoride drops are given to babies as a “supplement” by
pediatricians, and on top of this, fluoride rinses and gels are given to
children by dentists, and put into children’s vitamins. Fluoride pills are
often given to pregnant mothers. People are being exposed to levels of
fluoride that go far beyond the amount added to the water supply, but even
that level is considered to be an on-going risk.

Below is a list of some health effects of fluoride, cited in the book
Fluoride, the Aging Factor, by Dr. John Yiamouyannis.

1. Fluoride disrupts the connective tissue, causing excessive cross-linking,
cysts, and premature aging of the skin.

2. Bone deposited under the influence of fluoridation may appear dense, but
it is brittle, weak, and susceptible to fracture. Hip fracture is being
reported far more frequently in fluoridated areas than non-fluoridated areas.

3. Many comprehensive studies have been conducted that involved enormous
numbers of children, comparing the fluoridated group to the controls, in an
attempt to demonstrate that fluoride prevents tooth decay. Unless the data
can be edited, rearranged and manipulated, no difference can be shown.

4. Normal neurotransmission of acetylcholine in the brain is diminished by
fluoride, and this has been implicated in learning disabilities, and

5. Fluorine can replace the iodine in the thyroid, causing a hypothyroid
condition, requiring pharmaceutical drugs to help with fatigue, hair loss,
and weight gain.

6. When fluoride attaches to serotonin it is inactivated, causing depression.

7. Melatonin, derived from fluoridated serotonin, also carries fluoride.
Unlike normal melatonin that goes away upon waking, the fluoridated melotonin
is maintained in the brain as an on-going signal for drowsiness, and serves
as a very significant factor in the etiology of chronic fatigue.

8. Fluoride exposure compromises the immune system, suppressing the NK-cells,
and allowing susceptibility to both infectious diseases and bone/liver

9 Fluoridated water was given to prisoners in Germany by the Nazis, to keep
them docile, confused, and easily controlled.

At the Bioenergy Balancing Center we recommend that all fluoride sources be
avoided. You can protect your teeth by limiting the sugar and cola intake,
and taking trace minerals, particularly molybdenum, which really does
strengthen the teeth and bones. Molybdenum is an essential nutritional
requirement, and has no side effects.

A More Technical Appraisal of the Hazards of Fluoride

Fluoride causes chalky white spots in the teeth, weakens the strength of
tooth enamel, can cause pits and dark spots, but what we generally observe is
very white opaque patches. A normal tooth is a clear off-white, and slightly
translucent. Fluoridated teeth become brittle, crack easily, and wear down
unusually quickly under pressure of grinding or TMJ tension. More dental work
is required in areas of fluoridation than non-fluoridated areas, oddly
enough. .

As we trace the sequence of the methionine cascade, everything works well up
to S-adenosyl homocysteine. At that point, fluoride enters the cascade and
attaches to the S-adenosyl homocysteine. All subsequent metabolites that
follow become fluoridated, up to and including taurine.

I have observed, so far, that fluoridated homocysteine is more likely than
regular plain homocysteine to create injury to the intima of the arterial
lining. This could turn out to be the real culprit in inviting cholesterol
attachment and arterial clogging, more than the normal form of homocysteine
that is being currently implicated. There is a hint, also, that fluoridated
homocysteine may cause ear-ringing.

The major metabolic avenue that regulates homocysteine involves the addition
of serine, but that pathway is probably intact, even though cystathionine and
cysteine seem to be able to carry the fluoride radical without any observable
impact. The taurine, however, in carrying the fluoride radical, is not able
to function well at the thalamus. This suggests that ADD could be induced, or
at least exacerbated, by fluoride exposure.

Fluoride attaches to proline, causing an altered structure of collagen. The
damage appears as excessive thickening and stiffening of cartilage surfaces,
and tighter binding of joints, causing joint stiffness. If fluoride appears
in fibrocartilage matrix containing calcium attractors, then inappropriate
deposits of flaky bone material appear as painful spurs and they form rough
edges between and around the bones. As the bone is remodeled, the strong
formation of the original bone is gradually replaced by chalky brittle bone
material, susceptible to fracture. Higher incidence of hip fracture in
fluoridated areas has been well established.

By setting up proliferation of inaccurate collagen in the lungs and skin,
fluoride allows excessive cross-linking and thickening among the supportive
tissues of the skin, observed as rapid wrinkling and loss of elasticity, and
can lead to a fibrous condition of the lung tissue.

The accuracy of the thyroxine synthesis is being tampered with by fluoride,
since the fluorine can replace the iodine on the tyrosine’s phenyl structure.
When it carries a fluoride ion, the thyroxin can not be used. Medical tests
would indicate that the thyroxin level is normal, but symptoms of thyroid
deficiency would still persist. Hypothyroidism by now has become virtually
rampant, but the fluoride appears not to interfere with parathyroid or

Fluoride suppresses the immune system by reducing the synthesis of white
cells, and in combination with aspartame, contributes to lymphocyte
anomalies. This of course increases general susceptibility to viruses,
bacteria, fungus infections, and parasites. It does not appear to affect the
red cells or platelets. Since diet coke contains both high fluoride and
aspartame, it is useful to avoid hazard.

Another important effect of fluoride ingestion that I have seen is that the
serotonin becomes fluoridated, and in this form it can not access its own
receptor sites.Then the percentage of the serotonin that is fluoridated
creates a shortage of the useful serotonin, and the perceived shortage
creates depression and despair.

Oddly enough, both Prozac and Paxil contain fluoride in their molecular
construction. We have found that sometimes these fluoridated pharmaceuticals
block the very serotonin they have encouraged. In our experience, we have
observed that major helpful effect of Prozac and Paxil is really in their
ability to upregulate the dopamine, and depression can be relieved in that
way even if serotonin is still diminished.

We have made what may turn out to be an important discovery about chronic
fatigue. The fluoridated serotonin makes fluoridated melatonin. In this form
it can still encourage sleep, but the fluoridated melatonin tends to persist
upon waking, and the cognitive aware brain continues to receive signals that
maintain it in a state of on-going drowsiness. This is the experience of
chronic fatigue. The chronic fatigue process frequently involves irritation
of the bladder lining, known as cystitis, considered to be an inflammation of
unknown origin. It is neither an infection nor an allergy, but at this point
our clinical experience indicates that the lining becomes injured by high
fluoride intake.

Another factor in chronic fatigue is not related to fluoride, but we have
observed that the Krebs cycle and the electron transport cycle function
inefficiently, so that ATP is somewhat diminshed. Full utilization of B3 and
B2 is required for the conversion to NAD and FAD, as these lift the hydrogens
off the Krebs and deliver them to the electron transport cycle. Ifthese
vitamins are not being utilized adequately, the Krebs cycle slows down, and
the natural vitality and stamina of the person is greatly compromised.

The literature suggests that fluoride plays a significant role in the
development of cancer. A significant increase in cancer is being reported in
fluoridated areas, particularly bone cancer, and liver cancer.

Frequently children’s mouths are bathed in fluoride gels, rinses are given by
the dentist during cleanings, and they are even prescribed fluoride pills.
Some pediatricians prescribe fluoride drops for babies. Many young people
have been exposed prenatally. Most people use fluoridated toothpaste. The
fluoride content of the water supply is not totally responsible for creating
the full impact of accumulated fluoride effects, but because it is a constant
and persistant exposure, and because it is cumulative, over time the water
will make a difference.

Long term ingestion of just one part per million can create significant
health changes. When the exposure is substantially higher, as it is after
adding up all these sources, our children may experience some tragic, but
predictable consequences in later life.

To avoid fluoride, you can install a reverse-osmosis filter system. Other
filtering systems may also be excellent, you would have to check them out
with people who sell filter systems. In your questions about filters, be sure
you insist that theperson you speak to knows that you want it to specifically
remove fluoride.

Another thing to avoid would be juices made from concentrates. Often these
are diluted with fluoridated water. This is not carelessness, nor is it
intentionally harmful, the trouble is that fluoride is not perceived by many
people as a toxic substance. The same applies to bottled water. Often the
bottled water contains fluoride too. Until you can install a good filter
system, it would be a good idea to check each batch of bottled water with
your pendulum, because they vary. If you use distilled water, this would be

If you learn how to use a pendulum, this will help you to feel empowered and
secure, so that you can thread your way without anxiety through the toxic
obstacle-course at the store.

It would be a good idea to change your toothpaste if it has fluoride in it.
Even though there isn’t much of an exposure from toothpaste for adults, kids
do swallow it, particularly if it has been sweetened and flavored with cherry
or other flavors. There is now some new information coming in suggesting that
fluoridated toothpaste may play a contributing role in creating oral cancers.

To strengthen your children’s teeth, minimize the sugar intake, and give them
molybdenum. Some people also need a little extra vanadium too. For kids, one
once a week for these traces is usually enough. Molybdenum is purported to
actually help heal small cavities. Mo-zyme and V-zyme are made by Biotics
Research, in Texas, available through health practitioners, and vanadyl
sulfate and molybdenum are sold in health stores, Solgar makes these, and
other companies also do. (This is an aside, but if you drink wine regularly,
and/or eat sulfured apricots regularly, extra molybdenum will detoxify the
sulfites by changing them to healthful sulfates.)

To release an established exposure, try DMAE. Several companies also make it.
It is considered to be an enhancement for the brain–and indeed, it certainly
is. We suggest DMAE for our clients who have accumulated a toxic load of
fluoride, as releasing such a pervasive toxin can initiate wonderful
self-healing capabilities within the body. DMAE is readily available in the
health stores.

There are people who can synthesize their own DMAE, and can handle minor
exposures without any harmful clinical effects. But, for the most part we are
seeing that fluoride plays a significant role in depression, confused
thinking, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, painful cystitis, as well as bone
spurs, stiff painful joints, diminished T-cell activation, and immune

There is a book available in paperback at Barnes and Noble and Amazon on the
Internet. It is called Fluoride, the Aging Factor, by Dr. John Yiamouyannis.
Terrific book, not to miss. It describes who makes the fluoride, why it is
being sold to us, and how incredibly easily the dental community was
convinced of its efficacy, and how the unsubstantiated myth that fluoride
prevents cavities became an “unarguable truth” in the minds of the public.
This misinformation was not really put forth as deliberate a conspiracy, but
evolved as a result of skillful corporate manipulation and insensitivity to
the impact of their actions upon others. There are many websites that talk
about this now, as the information is beginning to become more widespread.

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