Green Tea

Green Tea

Active Components:Catechins (polyphenols)

Homeopathy: Tincture of leaves

The Chinese have used green tea for thousands of years. Recently it was introduced onto the American natural health markets. Green tea is rich in bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids are compounds that help fight damaging free radicals. One class of bioflavonoids, polyphenols, is especially abundant in this herb. Specifically, the catethins(polyphhenols with multiple linked ring-like structures) have extraordinary antioxidant ability, especially in the brain.

NSP Green Tea Extract is decaffeinated for your safety and comfort.


Green tea is an amazingly powerful antioxidant, which makes it a benefit to both the immune and circulatory health.
*It posesses antimicrobial properties that support immune-system health.
*It has been found to protect against digestive and respiratory infections.
*It protects the heart by helping to prevent vascular blood clotting and reducing cholesterol.
*Just three capsules of Green Tea Extract provides the same benefits as 10 cups of regular green tea.

* Nutritional: Super Antioxidant, Olive Leaf Extract, Cholester-Reg.


Not recommended for childern under age 6. Pregnant or nursing women should not use this product.

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