Vitamin C sprayed into the mouth during cigarette smoking gradually reduces
the craving to smoke. Food consumption also declines, as do hunger cravings.
By the end of one study, smoking behavior was either reduced or stopped
completely. This unusual example of vitamin C’s versatility was published in
Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 1993:337, p 211-213.

Isn’t it a wonder that we have never been told about THIS particular bit of


“Where can I buy vitamin C spray?”

Beats me. Plus, I think you are better off making your own, fresh, every
day. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) powder is cheap. You can probably find a
sprayer at the dollar store. Mix as much of the crystalline vitamin C as
will dissolve in a couple of ounces of water and spray the back of your
throat every time you want a cigarette. This not only helps you stop
smoking; it also helps control hunger cravings and reduce that old
nicotine-withdrawal weight gain syndrome. (That reference once again: Drug
and Alcohol Dependence, 1993:337, p 211-213)

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