MANDATORY California Childhood Vaccines

MANDATORY California Childhood Vaccines
MANDATORY California Childhood Vaccines

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Drugs ARE Made in China
There Is NO Quality Control What-So-Ever
There Are No Manufacturing Inspections

No Lot Testing, Nothing
The Chinese Manufacturing Facilities ARE PRE-APPROVED By the World Health
Organization (WHO)

(1)  There are no product inspections of any kind performed at the Chinese
manufacturing facilities.

(2)  There are NONE of the testing requirements the US Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) requires of US manufacturers.  NONE.

(3)  The US government gives China a free pass bringing
whatever-is-in-those-vaccine-tubes into the United States.  US government
agencies provide no testing, what-so-ever, of so-called vaccines brought in
from China.

(4)  The US government gives China a free pass not checking, at all, to
see if those vaccines(?) have been transported under refrigerated, sterile,
conditions to the US.

(5)  The US government makes NO EFFORT, what-so-ever, to protect US
children from potential harm from Chinese manufacturers.

(6)  The State of California Department of Health is both complicit, and
equally guilty, along with the Feds, of endangering California children and I don’t think they care.

Most, if not all, of the seventy-two

(72) Childhood Vaccines FORCED on
California children in order to go to school are made in any of the

(28) Chinese vaccine manufacturing facilities.

China DOES NOT have a good reputation as a trustworthy manufacturer.

This Situation is Preposterous.  China has the WORST record of tainted
products on Planet Earth

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