My Cansema Experience

When you use Cansema, a slight dab only, 1 or 2 doses, each dose 24 hours. It will leave an ugly hole where the tumor was, and I mean an UGLY hole.

You must explain to the client what it will look like or they will panic.  The hole will usually appear after the first dose, if not then a second 24 hr. dose is used.  After a second dose if the tumor only gets slightly red or nothing at all happens then it is NOT a cancer, the stuff seems to only work on cancerous cells.

Bloodroot is used instead, as it works on non-cancerous cells, i.e. moles, warts and such.  Once the cancer has been eaten away with the first or second dose you might then use some vitamin E liquid to keep it moist for a couple of days.  Any liquid pearl vitamin E will do.  Keep it moist for the next 2 to 3 days to help lessen the pain.  Stop the vitamin E after the 2 days and for the rest of the healing just keep it clean with a little H2O2 and it will slowly dry out.  You will notice that a black scab will form, then dry, then separate from the rest of the skin and fall out with a root attached.  Do not pick at it during the healing process.

It will heal with fresh pink tissue that will slowly fill in the hole that was left, sometimes with scar tissue. The scar will stay red to pink for a good couple of months or so, yet will slowly disappear and fill in with nice new skin.  It also depends on how big the hole was that was left after the initial cansema application.  I have seen very small moles that turned out to leave a large hole, it eats ALL the cancer cells in the area.  There may also be pain for a number days after treatment application, that will go away, be patient.

I would use cansema on any external cancer without worry.  DO NOT have the client show what is happening to their doctor, the doctor WILL freak out at what they see.  We give a detailed handout for anyone that uses cansema.

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