The “Unmasking” Campaign…

The “Unmasking” Campaign…
The “Unmasking” Campaign…

All of My time In Washington This Last Week I Was Thinking That…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

I am sick and tired of powerful people who have their own personal experiences with vaccine injury, but choose not to speak out for fear of losing some of their power. They are bearing false witness against the truth and the fate of the human race. IT HAS GOT TO STOP.

Jenny McCarthy was attacked by Pharma shills for coming forward about her vaccine damaged child… Jenny McCarthy was criticized by some in our community when she talked publicly about her son’s vaccine injury. There were those who said she should’ve have waited until somebody with more gravitas stepped up to the plate.

What do we know now?

Even BEFORE Jenny McCarthy suspected vaccine injury, so did Robert De Niro. Why did he remain quiet? Was it so important to make “Meet the Fockers” and “Bad Grandpa”?

We also know that Sylvester Stallone and John Travolta had children with autism during this time. I don’t know what those two thought about vaccines, but seriously, when this happens to your child, how can you not think about it?

Think of what could have existed if those three actors had joined Jenny in speaking out publicly? De Niro, Stallone, and Travolta, you let us down. Jenny McCarthy was the true action hero. You guys only play them in the movies.

But such cowardice in the face of a MONUMENTAL ASSAULT ON ALL OUR CHILDREN isn’t the sole province of Hollywood actors.

As somebody who IMMEDIATELY started speaking out fifteen years ago when I suspected vaccine injury in my children, I have talked to a lot of people and heard a lot of stories about who is SECRETLY in our camp.

There are A LOT of untold stories concerning well-known people in what has become the VACCINE GRAVEYARD OF SILENCE. I happen to know a lot of them and have NEVER spoken about them. The time for silence is over. Silence equals death for some and a lifetime of suffering for many.


On September 1, 2017, I plan to start sharing these stories. In just about a half hour, I was able to easily come up with fifteen prominent people. I’m sure that the readers of this article can also provide me with many more.

I understand that this “unmasking” campaign shares many similarities to the “outing” of closeted gay individuals in order to combat homophobia. I also know it was controversial. This is not something I take lightly.

But when I consider that the pharma forces pay for the majority of the advertising on the news, that they have fifteen hundred lobbyists for Congress, they spend twice as much money lobbying Congress as their nearest competitors (the oil and gas companies) and they have COMPLETE IMMUNITY for harm caused by their products, it is difficult to figure out how to level the playing field.

From May to September of this year I am asking for a VOLUNTARY UNMASKING of well-known scientists, film and television stars, media personalities, and politicians.

I know the media will probably not cover your story, but if you put out a press release, a statement on Facebook, or even if you want to do Twitter, I will consider your story told.


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