Top 3 Reasons It’s Hard to be Spiritual

Top 3 Reasons It’s Hard to be Spiritual
Top 3 Reasons It’s Hard to be Spiritual

Do you remember a time when you would go about your day, oblivious to your feelings and unaware you had any spiritual needs? Back then, life seemed simpler and emotionally contained, but now things have changed.

You may be one of many people choosing to override “societal norms” and follow a new path, to fill a spiritual void created after many lifetimes of having an enslaved and suppressed soul.

Reversing Spiritual Bondage

The process of undoing spiritual bondage can be one of the most difficult journeys you will ever undertake. However, rest assured, you are not alone in this quest. It will be, and is, the most important and rewarding work you can do.

Advancing your spirituality and connecting yourself will give you abilities to discern truth and gain power over those who want to manipulate and control you. When you spiritually evolve, you become a proactive co-creator of your life.

Your consciousness, or spiritual state, is joined with others and manifests physically into a more compassionate life and free world.

This important process, which has been prophesied in different cultures and spiritual texts, is know as the “Ascension process”.

Your Soul Wants to Break Free

The awakening you are experiencing may feel like you have been living in an inescapable matrix, or starring in your own “Truman Show.” When you start searching for truth, you realise this concept is not that far from the truth.

As you awaken and begin to connect yourself, you will realise you’ve been spiritually deprived, living in a spiritual famine. This has left you craving for “soul food” to satisfy a deep hunger within.

Your spiritual growth is being deliberately sabotaged, as your disconnectedness contributes to keeping the masses controlled and manipulated on a global level.

The moment you start to spiritually grow and become free, you will realise you are a powerful force, at one with the world. When you unite spiritually with others, you can co-create a loving, empowered and free world that serves humanity.

Investing in your spiritual growth will change your life, break the invisible bonds holding you captive and return humanity to the planet.

  1. Rituals Have Been Programmed Into Your Soul

If you believe your soul is eternal, it makes sense that your soul contains experiences from all your lifetimes. It carries all the energetic and spiritual rituals it has undergone in all your until they are removed.

Rituals are a powerful way to seal the spoken word within a person’s soul, to program them. It is a form of black magic that blocks a person’s freedom, also causing confusion and chaos in their mind.

These rituals have been performed deliberately, with the intention of suppressing and controlling you for eons. If your soul is by nature a “free spirit,” then extra care would have been taken to ensure you never find the escape route.

So called “troublemakers” are carefully monitored and targeted, which I will elaborate on in my next blog post.

Religions Are Ritualistic

There are many rituals, known and unknown, performed on your soul. In times of old, you were forced to join religions or you were tortured and killed. Today, the Mormon Church is just one of the many religions that bind souls to its faith using rituals derived from the Freemasons.

Members enter their temples and surrogate for people who have passed away, for “sacred ordinances.” Mormon rituals are then performed on unconsenting, dead souls such as baptism, eternal marriage, initiations, etc.

The Church of Scientology forces their members from the age of eight to sign contracts that bind their souls to their faith for a billion years. The contracted person’s soul is bound lifetime after lifetime and causes great hardship for the person who reincarnates. I wrote a blog post on how to cancel this contract here.

Muslims use loud speakers to disperse prayers over their cities to remind the people that Allah their omniscient God, needs to be obeyed at all costs. These prayers are broadcast in the stillness of the night in Muslim countries. It codes the subconscious mind, and the worse part is, it programs the vulnerable minds of children.

Most people are unaware they are programmed … even you .. yes you. You would have cultivated many beliefs systems from your life experiences that have imprinted in your energy field. Your life is your benchmark and feedback to what they are!

You Are Programmed to Not Think or Ask Questions

Christian religions perform rituals that bind your soul to their faith in baptism. This binds (and blinds) you to living a life exactly like Christ’s: obedience, suffering, poverty, sacrifice, hardship and service. It binds you to thinking you are sinful, that you have no power in your life, to not question authority and that you have to be saved by another person.

I wrote about my own personal experience of removing a sacrifice vow through energy healing in my book, Freeing the Unloved Girl. When the vow was removed, it changed my thinking and actions, from being a victim to feeling and acting empowered. It was as if I had woken from a coma and could see things with complete transparency.

Normalisation Allows Inhumanity to Continue

There are many other barbaric rituals performed in the name of religion, such as female genital mutilation, self-flagellation, animal and human sacrifice, impaling and taking on the name of a saint to energetically bind your life to living as they did.

All these rituals place an energetic program on your soul for suffering, struggle and disempowerment. It causes scars on your soul, leaving you disconnected and ignoring your instincts, which are there to protect and empower you.

You are unaware there is more to your life, as you have never known any different. The worst part of this is, we program each other, as these rituals become “normalised.”

  1. The Media Spreads Fear and Distracts You

Mass media, insurance companies, Big Pharma, advocacy groups, lawyers, politicians and so many more, know that your fear is worth billions. These groups have been laughing all the way to the bank.

They have withheld truth, fed you fear, and caused stress and illnesses so you are easily manipulated and controlled. The media have hijacked your amygdala, which is the home of your emotional responses, specifically fear.

The fear stored in your psyche blocks your spiritual growth, as you automatically shutdown your senses from the perceived and real threats and stresses around you.

Addictions Are Deliberately Created

This has also caused you to have an addiction to drama, so you unconsciously seek more of it. Your environment is your spiritual food, and you have been trained to allow the media to feed your spirit, which feeds your cells. It’s time to change your “cell food” diet!

The following excerpt is from a subliminal message quoted in David Wilcok’s book, The Ascension Mysteries, which he sourced from YouTube.

The following subliminal text was discovered on TV while the American national anthem was played in the 1960s. David refers to the names “Ultra” and “Naomi” as alleged mind control programs.

The mainstream media also ensures that any “spiritual healing methods” are discredited, undermined and devalued so you avoid acknowledging them.

They have discredited those who don’t comply to the dictated “norm,” which causes people to become polarised when you take a spiritual path.

Time to turn off the “idiot box” and start watching programs that contain uplifting truths. I personally now spend most of my time watching Gaia TV, as truth is far more interesting than the propaganda found on TV, once you get a taste of it.

  1. When You Attempt to Exit the Matrix, You Are Targeted

It’s a well known fact that whistleblowers are targeted, and those who buck the system pay for it. They don’t want you to spiritually advance, as you would then see through their lies and manipulations.

The “system” you have been living in was built to meticulously and thoroughly program and control you. They recognise that sexual, physical and emotional abuse, especially experienced in childhood, makes you easy prey.

They take control of institutions, including education, to monitor what you learn, and teach you the rules to comply with authority.

Poisoning your food and water, prescribing medicinal drugs, and manufacturing wars, disasters and crises, all work to keep you right where they want you.

The Ascension Process Is Now Taking Place

So, if you are feel a little depressed with all of this, don’t worry. The good news is that you can now free yourself from the power that keeps you spiritually bound.

The way has been paved for you to gain your spiritual connection and be part of the Ascension process to transform yourself.

Begin healing yourself and looking inward. There is a much more powerful force now assisting this process – use the universal laws to gain access to it.

3 Steps to Spiritually Evolve

  1. Meditate, Heal Yourself and Look Inward

A consistent meditation practice is a powerful way to still your thoughts and connect yourself. This clears your mind and soul to create a way for you to feel more, so you can be spiritually guided.

Looking inward (everything is stored in your energy field) and changing yourself is the key to progressing. Changing destructive behaviours and finding your self-worth is imperative to becoming more spiritual.

Energy healing is a powerful method of transforming negative energy that has accumulated in your energy field and soul.

Last year, I created a free healing video called “Reprogram Your Consciousness,” which removes coded rituals from religion and the bible, to clear your energy and raise your consciousness.

Forensic Healing’s Role in the Ascension Process

I am excited that the Forensic Healing system will play an important part in the Ascension process of individuals. It removes the Illuminati’s control and damage, removes the targeted black magic, and returns the spiritual components missing from your soul.

This will be included in my upcoming “Soul Module.” I am still researching, writing and trialling the Soul pathways at each workshop until October 10th, 2017. From that date onward, the new Soul Module will be completed with videos, online materials, updated protocol and the Soul Manual.

You can take a sneak peek at the Ascension Pathway I trialled at the Melbourne Forensic Healing 7 Day Live Training in March 2017.

  1. Vegetarian Diet and Body Detox

Scientific research proves the increased health and environmental benefits of consuming a plant-based diet. An estimated 70 percent of all diseases, including one-third of all cancers, are related to diet.

A vegetarian diet reduces the risk of chronic degenerative diseases such as obesity, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and certain types of cancer including colon, breast, prostate, stomach, lung and oesophageal cancer, and the list goes on.

Eat Consciously

Vegetarianism is also a way to eliminate the cruelty of farming and killing animals, which is stored in your energy field as a vibration when you eat them. Build some good karma and opt to eat consciously.

  1. Detox From Heavy Metals

Heavy metals can have serious effects on your mind and body. The effects include reduced growth and development, cancer, organ damage, nervous system damage, and in extreme cases, death.

A common side effect is poor memory, emotional instability, indecisiveness, chronic fatigue and disconnectedness.

Children are more vulnerable to the toxic effects of heavy metals, as the rapidly developing systems in prenatal, infantile and all young human are far more sensitive.

Exposure can result in learning difficulties, memory impairment, damage to the nervous system, and behavioural problems such as aggressiveness and hyperactivity.

Vaccinations contain toxic ingredients including formaldehyde and mercury. These ingredients suppress the third eye or intuitive abilities, and cause autism and learning disorders.

Heavy Metals Are Conduits

Heavy metals then act as a conduit for cell tower signals, radiation, negative energies and other ways for your body to be coded, manipulated, controlled and diseased.

When heavy metals are present in your body keep, it creates a low and dense energetic frequency, therefore you will attract situations that energetically match it. It can physically block your attempt to connect and become more spiritual.

There are many ways to detox your body. I highly recommend you include chelation products such as Chlorella or Zeolite, as heavy metals can be difficult substances to remove from the body.

Soul Upgrade

I spend a lot of my time in workshops removing dark entities, rituals, curses and black magic from people’s souls. This seems to be the major reason people are most damaged and controlled. After removal, it is also important to return and restore their soul fragments.

When these rituals and programs are removed, a person’s emotional and physical states are completely transformed, which then transforms their life.

You Won’t Want to Miss the Next Blog Post Stay tuned for my next blog post, as I will explain to you the big picture of what has really been going on—and reveal who has been doing these things to you. This will be an eye opener for many!

Now is the time to be positive and celebrate, as many good things are on their way for you. There are positive forces assisting this Ascension process (your soul upgrade) as we go through it together.

The more people who unite in this spiritual awakening, the more power is returned to us.

I welcome you to join me at any upcoming event to assist your soul’s freedom. Please share your thoughts and experiences from your journey of becoming spiritual in the comments section below.

Blessing and love always,

Marisa ♥

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