We don’t need bee-killing pesticides to feed the world

We don’t need bee-killing pesticides to feed the world
We don’t need bee-killing pesticides to feed the world

For decades, agro-chemical corporations like Bayer have been trying to convince us that we need bee-killing neonicotinoids, and that humans simply can’t feed ourselves without them. A scathing UN report just called that story a complete “myth.”

This report on pesticides is a bombshell. Its expert authors say in no uncertain terms: the “myth” that humans need any pesticides — not just neonics — to feed the world is being spread by the “unethical” practices of global corporations who consistently deny the science showing the harms of using these toxins to grow our food.

According to the UN experts, science confirms that pesticides are likely making us sick. What’s more, corporations know this but do nothing about it. They know and do nothing.

It’s time for governments around the world to listen to the science and ban bee-killing pesticides once and for all.

Join our call to government leaders around the world: Ban bee-killing neonic pesticides now.

We know that not only are bee colonies collapsing, bird and butterfly numbers are plummeting too, and neonics are a key culprit. Corporate giants like Bayer and Syngenta have pressured governments to continue down this dangerous path, saying we need pesticides to feed the world. Now we know that story is complete bunk.

We don’t need neonics to grow food.

We’ve never been closer to ridding the world of neonic pesticides. Canada is considering a national ban on one of the chemical industry’s most popular neonicotinoids. We’re fighting hard to keep the moratorium on some neonics in Europe and France has vowed to institute a total ban by 2018. It’s time we put some real pressure on world governments to do the right thing and keep our bees, our food — and our bodies safe.

Will you ask world leaders to commit to a full ban on neonicotinoid pesticides?

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